Heart disease is an umbrella term for a number of different diseases affecting the heart. As of 2007, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, England, Canada and Wales, killing one person every 34 seconds in the United States alone.
The blood vessels consist of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins. All blood is carried in these vessels. The arteries, which are strong, flexible, and resilient, carry blood away from the heart and bear the highest blood pressures. Because arteries are elastic, they narrow (recoil) passively when the heart is relaxing between beats and thus help maintain blood pressure. The arteries branch into smaller and smaller vessels, eventually becoming very small vessels called arterioles. Arteries and arterioles have muscular walls that can adjust their diameter to increase or decrease blood flow to a particular part of the body.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally and Live a Longer, Happier Life!  

heart attacks are the number one cause of death in the industrialized world. The chief contribution to heart attacks is high blood pressure (hypertension), often called the "silent killer". The best thing you can do for heart attack prevention is lower your blood pressure. It is easy to lower blood pressure naturally.

What should be your blood pressure? Most experts say no 120/80. But 115/75 is better. If you have 135-145/90-95 They are "red-lining" in the high risk area, where you are very vulnerable to die suddenly of a heart attack. If your BP is high your doctor will probably, medication to lower it.

So, what can you do? How can you lower blood pressure naturally?

We all get to a human body, but it comes without a manual. We have to write our own. Fortunately, there is already a great work, which on this issue. We know pretty much on the control of blood pressure.

Here are three good first steps to lower blood pressure naturally:

1. Control your weight. If you weigh more than 20% more than the ideal weight for your height and sex, you are obese. Obesity kills. Just think of older people, we say, more than 80th How many fat ones you see /know? Not many. Why? Because they are either thin (it) or die, that is the reason why. Make a note of that and control your weight.

More weight means more fat means more miles of blood vessels, your heart has to pump blood through. It is a simple matter of physics. Fat people have higher blood pressure to deliver all that fat. The high-pressure strains the heart and arteries and lead to heart attacks. Note the control and your weight.

2. Strengthen your cardiovascular system with exercise. Aerobic exercise does two things for you. First, it strengthens the heart and arteries, gives them more capacity and the ability to do more than just keep you alive. Secondly, it flushes and lowers the deposits that would otherwise build in your arteries.

Without exercise your heart and blood vessels get lazy and weak. A small problem could then do you in. Even without exercise arterial plaque builds up when you arteries, what your heart to work harder and raise your blood pressure, the blood to circulate. So exercise is very important.

A good rule is to provide 200 minutes of aerobics every week. You can run, run, swim, bicycle, play tennis, etc. Whatever makes your heart work faster and makes you break out into a sweat. If you do not sweat, spend twice as much time. When you walk in 2 1 /2-3 miles per hour, you are not really doing aerobics.

If you are on foot or 4-5 miles per hour, OK, you are sweating, so that your muscles and cardiovascular system. Well. 200 minutes of this or similar per week. That is the way to lower your blood pressure naturally.

3. Get a good home blood pressure measuring device. There are many good ones available at $ 30 to $ 50 Take your blood pressure every morning before you get off the bed. Note the readings. Keep a list or a chart. Take three readings at any time. Believe that the middle and write it down.

During the process of measuring, you can lower blood pressure naturally through your mind calming, relaxing, thinking relaxing thoughts. Remember what your blood pressure rises. Get in this sensitive. High salt intake raises blood pressure in 1 of 3 people. Are you? When you eat salty foods late at night, your BP up?

Everyone is different, but if you want to control the ongoing process, take measurements, the results graph, and note what probably caused that change. To lower your blood going, you should use more of what seems to be lower and less of what makes it upwards. Develop your personal formula to lower blood pressure naturally.

consciously learning to relax during this measurement sessions. Dispel tension from your mind and see how this affects the BP. Learning to relax is an excellent way to lower blood pressure naturally. Use your blood pressure measuring device to help you learn how to do that.

these three simple, healthy changes in your lifestyle, and the chances are you will lower blood pressure naturally, to live a mature age and are much healthier than most!


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Jorge Chavez is an experienced independent researcher at BestBloodPressureControl.com He used medications to control his own blood pressure for 20+ years before he discovered how to control BP naturally and has not needed to pay for drugs since then.

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