Heart disease is an umbrella term for a number of different diseases affecting the heart. As of 2007, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, England, Canada and Wales, killing one person every 34 seconds in the United States alone.
The blood vessels consist of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins. All blood is carried in these vessels. The arteries, which are strong, flexible, and resilient, carry blood away from the heart and bear the highest blood pressures. Because arteries are elastic, they narrow (recoil) passively when the heart is relaxing between beats and thus help maintain blood pressure. The arteries branch into smaller and smaller vessels, eventually becoming very small vessels called arterioles. Arteries and arterioles have muscular walls that can adjust their diameter to increase or decrease blood flow to a particular part of the body.

How My Husband Reversed His Heart Disease and How You Can Too!  

If my husband had his heart attack 13 months ago we were at first just happy he survived.

Our doctor told us it was not really possible to his heart - that is, his heart would never be "new."

The steps, however, he, him from further damage to his heart. This is not exactly a "cure" he was able to function very well and it frees us from worry about his condition deteriorated.

Our doctor to complete these as a "reversal of his heart disease."

Where do you start when you want to put your heart before you have a heart attack ?

Well, the obvious is to stop smoking, stop drinking or abusing substances. In my case it was no longer husbands cigars! Not even on the golf course! This was particularly true for him, because our doctor said he had a problem of obesity, heart (he has for 75 pounds lost!) The next step was a change of diet.

his old diet of fast-food breakfast and lunch and was loaded with food with high trans-fats, empty carbs, foods with refined flour and sugar, salt and processed foods.

changes are made, if he wanted to his heart disease.

He avoids all the above bad eating habits. We are both very aware of trans fats. You can find this devil in all, in fast food and processed foods, in fried foods and desserts like cakes and packaged cookies and other packaged snacks. Trans fats are loaded with empty calories, that it is nothing to nourish the body. In case my husband causing him to weight gain and sluggish. He was always complaining that tired. Overweight and lazy - both conditions leading to obesity and obese heart problem.

These habits had changed.

It is important to remember that our body actually some fats to work as they should. A good example of these healthy fats are the fats in nuts and olive oil. These fats actually help to reverse heart disease.

in our house where we are now the plan, the Mediterranean diet is rich in these oils and also in the omega-3-fatty acids, often referred to as vital in reversing heart disease.

You can find omega-3-fatty acids in a variety of delicious dishes and food. For example, fatty fish like salmon has a high content of Omega-3-fatty acids. Oils such as fish oil and flaxseed oil are a good source and can also serve as a complement. We both now have diets rich in these healthy fats.

My husband started exercising regularly! We know that this definitely helped him reverse his heart disease, especially since he classified obese with a heart problem. He has regular aerobic exercises to increase his heart rate (Examples are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and other activities). He does not go crazy with exercise, but we were told that they should him breathing hard and sweating.

Of course, before he began his new exercise routine it ok'd by our doctor. In his case, the doctor actually prescribed. What do we do for exercise? We play volleyball once a week in the community center. And we regularly hikes. And my husband actually Peddler our son of the old bike in the neighborhood!

He began with moderate weights. This has really built up his muscles, which in turn increased metabolism. Therefore, the 75 pound weight loss!

We have found that weight reduction through diet and exercise was the # 1 important step to reverse his heart disease symptoms. I am sure you will find this is true, too, especially if you have a heart problem of obesity.


My husband has a very stressful job. He was told that relieving the stress in his life was imperative if he wanted to reverse his heart disease. This is not always easy. His new proper diet, exercise routine, and getting adequate sleep sure helped.
My husband found a Great Stress Reduction Program that really works for him.
You might want to try it, or perhaps a meditation technique which relieves the body of stress. It is well worth it to find a source of calm. He spends 30 minutes each day when he gets home "de-stressing."
Many of these helpful resources, such as the Mediterranean Diet and the stress reduction program were found at a great website I'd like to share with you. I would like to thank those people over there and hope they help you as much as they did us. The site is called common heart problems, and it's located at: http://commonheartproblems.com

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Heart Disease in Women is More Dangerous Than in Men - What You Should Do!  

Have you always been said that heart attacks are a male disease? Perhaps this is because a large part of research in recent years has focused on men.

It is true that men have more heart attacks than women. That is up to the age of 65. Then the game is like from.

One study shows that heart disease, not cancer, is the No. 1 killer of women over 65 years. In this age, heart disease is five times more likely the cause of death than cancer!

Here is another not so great truth: Before the age of 65 have more men, women, but are less likely to survive a heart attack.

This could be because women are generally more health conscious than men, still does not recognize the symptoms of cardiovascular disease in itself. As a result of the treatment is postponed.

As most women have smaller arteries, the more susceptible to damage, an unexpected heart attack is more deadly.

Genetics are always a factor and is the reason why your doctor will always ask for a family. This is especially true for women. Your doctor will ask you, no doubt about smoking.

Smoking has a negative impact on women than men, especially when combined with the birth of the contraceptive pill or are on a hormone replacement therapy. Smoking is a real trigger for heart disease in women.

It is dangerous for both sexes, but it is especially deadly for women.

As you can see not all things are equal. The effects of heart disease in women may be quite different than in men.

Both need and practice preventive medicine, because the heart healthy habits to benefit men and women alike.

healthy cholesterol and blood pressure are factors in the control of the heart and this is particularly true for women.

A good diet with exercise, should both be lower.

If one or both is still high, but your doctor may suggest medication. Why? Because it is about your options for the development of heart disease.

A healthy diet with green vegetables, fruit, healthy oils such as olive oil and nuts, and lean protein you will not only feel better, but the heart is healthier.

The Mediterranean diet has been extensively studied and has proved extremely useful in promoting good heart health.

Such a diet will also lower your weight and reduce your chance of developing either diabetes or after a stroke.

Exercise. The exercise is obviously important. But how much? At a minimum, make 20 minutes moderate exercise (enough to sweat) for at least three times a week, for the prevention of heart disease in women.

More is better, but you should contact your doctor before using any kind of rigorous exercise regime.

low impact aerobics can be: hiking, cycling or swimming are good examples.

A weightlifting program for the development of muscle and metabolism.


We mentioned that women are less likely to be aware of their own symptoms of heart disease.

Do you have swelling feet? What about a chest pain as you pass from a warm space to a cold space? How about heartburn? Indigestion? Each of these symptoms is a specific sign.

Visit the website Common Heart Problems to find out what they mean for you.

Check out the The Mediterranean Diet which is delicious, satisfying, and is the best diet for reducing heart disease in women, and for healthy, sustained weight loss!

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Simple Exercise Techniques to Help You Lower Your Cholesterol  

Physical activity is an important component of a healthy body. Everything from your heart, your joints will benefit from regular physical activity. Who has ever been diagnosed with high cholesterol is also of the fact that exercise can lower LDL levels. In this article I will be on the exercise of certain routines and how they can help you lower your bad cholesterol.

Something as simple as 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week can help the health of your heart by lowering your LDL and increase HDL levels. In addition, if you build a stable and healthy weight, which in turn reduces the risk of developing clogged arteries. More exercise is better, but studies show that even 20 minutes exercise vigorously three times a week can be very beneficial. If you are not a big fan of heavy physical activity, as you can always just a short walk regime. It's easy and fun and everything you need is a good pair of shoes. Studies show that walking can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease, you can lose weight and healthy bones.

Starting is simple. Many people suggest that walking 10 minutes five days a week and then slowly up to 20 and 30 minutes. Once you have mastered 30 minutes, you can try brisk walking. This type of physical activity is great along with a healthy diet and natural diet pills? For those of us interested 00,000,000th So, as you can see, on a regime of exercise is easy, all you really need is 30 minutes and a positive attitude. So be smart and walk your way to a healthier new you.


Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition. Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies.

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How to Have Healthy and Normal Cholesterol Levels?  

Much has been written in recent years through the blood-cholesterol levels. Not all that long ago, it was thought that eating food with high cholesterol levels have caused a high level of cholesterol in the blood, and this in turn could lead to heart disease, myocardial infarction, heart and other related problems. And because of these beliefs and fears that people were encouraged to eat foods low in fat super.

The problem that philosophy and teaching is that it is a little too general and broad. There are types of fat, which is good for you. In fact, these so-called "good fats" are essential for the proper nutrition and health. There are also "bad fats" However, this may be a factor for the health and heart problems.

cholesterol in the blood have a similar distinction. Where once it was of the view that you need to have your cholesterol levels below a certain figure - as 200mg - now it is clear, through scientific studies and research that this is not always a good yardstick. Instead there are "good" and "bad" cholesterol. And these figures are what is important, together with the ratio of one to another.

LDL cholesterol is considered the "bad" kind, and that stands for low-density lipoprotein. Without a lot of medical and scientific terminology, let's suffice to say that LDL-cholesterol, this may lead to negative reactions in the human body. In contrast, there is HDL or high-density lipoprotein, which creates favorable responses in the human body.

If you find it hard to remember which one aims to improve and what not, think of LDL-cholesterol than the ones you want to keep low - use the L at the beginning as a memory trigger - and HDL is the You want to keep higher (H = higher). The relationship between LDL and HDL cholesterol is also important.

test is now unfortunately a bit vague. In some cases, medical professionals are still a common cholesterol test that gives you the total amount. It is increasingly common, but at least an estimate of LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio or in total to HDL cholesterol levels, but both are estimates rather than actual measurements.

Some say that LDL level should be at or below 100 mg, while the more recent recommendations call less than 70mg. For total cholesterol to HDL, it is such a 5:1 ratio or less is best.

Now you can get cholesterol from food. Primary sources of cholesterol from animal products like eggs, peanuts, linseed, and beef. Some cholesterol are found in plants as well, but there is usually a much smaller amount. Most people assume - and books to teach himself - that there is no cholesterol in plants at all. However, this is a misunderstanding, because the U.S. FDA does not require that it be on food labels if there are less than 2 mg per serving.

Please note that eating foods containing cholesterol does not mean they automatically cholesterol health problems. Some of these problems can be - or at least contributed to - by poor eating habits are generally poor exercise, and genetics.

cholesterol can be hereditary. How many health problems today, it's been noted that some genetic background, have much higher risks for certain health problems than others.


Here are 10 easy tips to lower cholesterol now

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Preventing and Treating High Cholesterol  

High cholesterol is a very common disease, that a large percentage of people around the world suffer. The reason behind this may be poor diet, obesity or a family. Other diseases such as diabetes may also contribute to high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are many effective ways that allow you to lower your cholesterol and reduce the possibilities of a stroke or heart disease. Any time is a good time to take appropriate steps to manage your cholesterol levels.

There are many ways you can contribute to the prevention and treatment of unhealthy cholesterol levels. You can use either simple changes in lifestyle to help you get a healthy life, low-cholesterol, or if your case is serious, the doctor may recommend medications. In this article we take a brief look at the many possibilities for the prevention and treatment of unhealthy cholesterol levels. Now that the right steps will help you a happy and healthy life.

Here below are two ways through which you can lower cholesterol levels and healthy.

Lifestyle Changes :

  • It is very important for you to put a strict diet and eat healthy. Avoid fried and junk food as much as possible. Instead, load your plate with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, brown rice, cereals and grains. You need to reduce the intake of fat and consume low fat, low cholesterol foods.

  • exercise is very important. It helps not only energy but also keeps your mind fresh as well. Regular exercise can help, a good physical and psychological health. So, you try a few minutes of exercise into your schedule, not only lower cholesterol, but also improve the quality of your life.

  • smoking can be very harmful. It combines with other factors, and increases the risk of high cholesterol in the body. Your body a favor and join this habit at the earliest possible moment.

medicines :

Some people can not maintain healthy cholesterol levels only by changes in the way of life, they need extra help of prescription drugs. Different types of medication to help lower high cholesterol. The doctor may take one or a combination of drugs depending on the specific case of the patient. It is very important for you to consult a doctor before you consume any drugs.

The most commonly used drugs is statins. These drugs by stopping the natural production of cholesterol in the liver, which forces the liver to pull the necessary cholesterol from the blood. This aids in the reduction of total cholesterol, thereby helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Other drugs are different, some cholesterol lowering medications cholesterol blocked in your blood while eating.

These were some of the ways that you can implement for the treatment of unhealthy cholesterol levels. To combat this disease, you should learn properly, and the various causes behind it. It is not difficult, a good cholesterol level, all you need is the right information and a little effort on your part. Talk to your doctor and ask for tips from health professionals to create a plan that help to lower cholesterol your healthy level in the shortest time.

today Take the right step for a better future. Remember the saying "a stitch in time saves nine" now is your time to make a difference, and start your journey towards a healthier and happier you.


Been told that you need to lower your cholesterol levels? For easy tips and ideas on how to reduce your cholesterol levels naturally, visit Lower My Cholesterol

While your there don't forget to stop by our blog.

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Calcium Scan Technology - Measuring Heart Health  

Many people are at risk for heart attacks and are not even aware that there is a problem. Fortunately, there is a test known as electron beam computed tomography, or EBCT can detect that an increased risk of heart attack among people based on the amount of calcium in the arteries. This test is usually done on healthy persons who are not predisposed to heart attack risk.

A calcium scan, such as the EBCT is generally known, lasts about 90 seconds to the cost and can be over $ 600 in average. It measures and calculates the amount of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. Based on this information, the doctors to better treat and prevent heart attacks in many people who are otherwise healthy persons.

calcium-scan results are based on a scale and a higher result indicates an increased risk of heart attack. This points to more calcium in the arteries, the main cause of heart attacks, which many people are generally healthy. Even for those who are at risk for heart problems, this scan can be a preventive measure that can be done at regular intervals.

A calcium scan result will be on a scale from 0 to 2112th There are four types of risk. Anyone with a Score of 10 or less are considered insignificant atherosclerosis, while the values from 10 to 99 indicate mild atherosclerosis. Any result from 100 to 399 is considered moderate atherosclerosis and values over 400 indicate advanced atherosclerosis. This scan is not completely exclude, arteriosclerosis, because soft calcified plaque can be later on, so that a regular scans might be required.


More information on Bone Density in Indio CA and an Indio CA scan clinic in your area is just a click away.

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Will a Low Thyroid Cause High Cholesterol? Answers  

researchers now know that there is a correlation between high cholesterol and thyroid problems.


There are possibly tens of millions of Americans diagnosed with thyroid problems cause high cholesterol. Some even speculate that low thyroid hormones specifically, is the number 2 to high cholesterol.

This relationship is explained by the metabolic role of the thyroid. In short, if the thyroid hormone production slows down (hypothyroidism), the liver would be a serious filtering the blood and the removal of cholesterol.

This is important to know, for people with high cholesterol levels, because if you have a hypothyroidism, the problems, then you can not on any of the cholesterol treatment (with the exception of nutrition and exercise course, as these also help to thyroid problems).

Unfortunately, thyroid hormone levels are generally not tested during the blood, and yet cholesterol levels are. And many doctors do not test thyroid levels, cholesterol problems when it comes, even if the connection between the two is well documented.

Some even say that up to half of the Americans with thyroid disease are diagnosed.

high cholesterol and Thyroid Disease Remedies

So, you should first find out whether it's a thyroid problem that causes high cholesterol (at home can test this). If that is the case, then there is good news. You can actually drop cholesterol significantly, without the drugs through the use of natural and safe rules for thyroid problems. Another possibility is the thyroid hormone replacement therapy, but it comes with its side effects.

This is good news as cholesterol drugs are terribly unhealthy for you, and also an extreme rules Thyroid hormones are generally less expensive.

The thyroid problems can not only lead to higher cholesterol either, it can cause fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and sensitivity to the cold.

So, if you so you can talk to your doctor and check with thyroid supplementation? The main natural ingredients to the thyroid problem.


Ben Branklin is an Authority in Natural Medicine. He's put together a Free site of the Natural Prescriptions. It saves you an expensive doctor visit, and more importantly it's safer. Go to TheNaturalPrescriptions.com to find the natural prescriptions for these health concerns: natural thyroid and cholesterol prescriptions.


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Lower Blood Pressure As Fast As Possible  

I wanted to talk to you about how to lower blood pressure as quickly as possible. There are many people out there that live with the problem of high blood pressure and they are the only year after year, their lives. The main culprit for this problem is high cholesterol. This is what causes your arteries to clog and this whole problem. Most people assume that they have a relatively good life to be able to create a healthy blood pressure and this is completely wrong. Everything you really need to do is do a few things in your life and you can. I'm going to talk to you about how to lower blood pressure as quickly as possible.

I bet you have some commercials on TV Cheerios for you to say that it takes only 6 weeks to help lower your cholesterol. Or is there another through all the prompts you to Bran that the fiber Challenge. Both systems work and it really has nothing to do with their products, it is just fiber. Most people with high blood pressure are typically not enough to eat fiber. If your recommended daily fiber level values, your blood pressure will decrease.

If you prefer, you can lower blood pressure as quickly as possible, then there is a really simple way. Everything you need to do is drink a glass of wine daily. This is actually a fairly old solution for this problem. The alcohol in wine is really thin your blood. If this happens, the pressure to push it in your body decreases.


Learn how to http://www.lifefitnesshealth.com/lower-blood-pressure/>Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Ayurvedic and Dietary Treatments for High Blood Pressure  

High blood pressure or hypertension is the condition when the blood flow in the arteries and veins is forced under a higher pressure than normal. This can happen because of the weakness of the heart or by building up cholesterol in the coronary arteries, reducing its lumen. Today, most people in the world suffer from high blood pressure, but it is not always fatal. The right medication and a positive lifestyle can allow people with a higher blood pressure, lead a long and happy life. However, neglect can cause serious problems such as fatal myocardial infarctions (heart attacks).

High blood pressure is known as Rakta Gata Vata in Ayurveda. They can be caused by vitiation of one of the three doshas, if the contribution of Vata Dosha can have more than it is for the circulation of blood. The following are the main precipitating factors for people with different doshas: -

1. Vata type of Hypertension? This is caused by extreme emotions such as fear, anxiety and stress.

2. Pitta type of hypertension? This is confirmed by negative feelings such as hatred, jealousy and a feeling of revenge.

3. Kapha type of hypertension? This is due to problems with digestion.

(1) Useful Herbs in the treatment of high blood pressure

1. Alfalfa (Medicago Satina)

Alfalfa contains several elements that are necessary in the softening of hard arteries. This reduces the tension in the arteries and thus for the treatment of hypertension.

2. Blood Wort (Achillea millefolium)

word is a sweat-inducing herb. It is the blood flow in the direction of the output of the skin sweat. Through this movement of the blood, high blood pressure is reduced. Bloodword contains an alkaloid that is effective in reducing high blood pressure.

3. Garlic (Allium sativum)

Garlic is an anti-spasmodic agent. Therefore reduces the pressure in the arteries caused by the pumping of the heart into the bloodstream. Garlic creates a rhythm in the pumping of the heart, which eases the pulse. Other problems such as high blood pressure, dizziness, shortness of breath and indigestion are also the maintenance of garlic. Garlic is generally regarded as the best solution for high blood pressure.

4. Jaundice Berry (Berberis vulgaris)

Jaundice Berry is a very effective remedy to treat high blood pressure. It eases the tension in the arteries, they expand. Thus the blood flow in them is easier.

5. Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

parsley as a monitor of the blood vessels. It regulates the flow of blood and keep it in easy transport. It takes care of the entire arterial system. It is an herb very beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

6. Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)

The effect of Rauwolfia in the arteries and veins of the human have been studied in detail, and very positive results. Rauwolfia has a treasure trove of alkaloids for the relaxation of the arteries, the synchronization of the blood flow in them, making palpitations and even removing the build-cholesterol in the arteries. Therefore, practitioners of all forms of medicine acknowledge the effects of Rauwolfia. In Ayurveda especially the root of Rauwolfia is responsible for hypertension patients. The Ayurvedic name for Rauwolfia is sarpagandha.

(2) Dietary treatment for high blood pressure

A strict dietary regime is important for early treatment of high blood pressure. The following points should be noted: -

1. Salt should be reduced or completely from the diet. Hot and spicy foods should also be avoided.

2. Instead of hydrogenated fats, unsaturated fats and easy to use. These include oils of sesame, olive, linseed, mustard and groundnut. Ghee and butter made from cow? S milk are beneficial. Buffalo milk should be avoided.

3. Digestive disorders, the care of the consumption good amount of leafy vegetables with fiber.

4. Bitter gourd drumsticks and vegetables are beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Colocasia must be avoided, but yellow gourd helps in reducing blood pressure.

5. Among fruits, bananas, oranges, guavas and apples are good. All types of dry fruits and nuts are good.

6. Confectionery and chocolate should be avoided.

7. Red meat should be avoided. But white meats, especially fish are beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

(3) Ayurvedic concepts for high blood pressure

Sarpagandha is the drug of choice for high blood pressure. Not only is this drug in the Ayurvedic medicine, but it is also in allopathic medicine in the treatment of high blood pressure. In addition, the following herbal preparations are dependent on the cause of high blood pressure doshic: -

A. Vataja For high blood pressure, jatamansi and Brahmi are provided.

For Pittaja high blood pressure, and sandalwood sarsarapilla are provided.

For Kaphaja high blood pressure, Calamus, Arjuna, shilajit, Guggul and Berberis are provided.

(4) Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

A. Do you have a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with honey every morning. B.

Oranges are very helpful for high blood pressure. Do you have a juice of two oranges or three every day.

c. Prepare a powdered mixture of cumin seeds, fennel seeds and sugar. Take a spoonful of this mixture in water every morning and every evening.


Read More on high blood pressure cure and high blood pressure home remedies by Ayurveda at http://www.ayushveda.com
Read more about Ayurveda at World's Largest Portal on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Remedies: Ayushveda.com - The Free Ayurvedic Encyclopedia

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