Heart disease is an umbrella term for a number of different diseases affecting the heart. As of 2007, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, England, Canada and Wales, killing one person every 34 seconds in the United States alone.
The blood vessels consist of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins. All blood is carried in these vessels. The arteries, which are strong, flexible, and resilient, carry blood away from the heart and bear the highest blood pressures. Because arteries are elastic, they narrow (recoil) passively when the heart is relaxing between beats and thus help maintain blood pressure. The arteries branch into smaller and smaller vessels, eventually becoming very small vessels called arterioles. Arteries and arterioles have muscular walls that can adjust their diameter to increase or decrease blood flow to a particular part of the body.

10 Signs of Heart Attack  

This is a list of the most common symptoms of heart attack. From chest pain, nausea, heartburn, "Levin Log" .

1. Chest pain: This is the most common symptom of heart attack victims. If you suddenly chest pain, you should call a doctor or go to the emergency room immediately. The pain of a heart attack can be severe, but it does not always work. Sometimes slight pain is a sign of a heart attack.

2. Pain in the shoulder, arm (s) or Kiefer: pain can radiate from the chest or you feel more pain in these three areas than in the chest.

3. Nausea, dizziness or fainting, weakness or fear: sudden nausea, weakness and dizziness with a fear that something is wrong. Common symptoms of women.

4. Pressure in the chest: Mild to severe.

5. Unregelmaiger heartbeat or palpitations: This is when you actually feel your heart beating and say, it is beating fast or "flutter". Sometimes this can be misunderstood as a fear attack.

6. Shortness: When the heart is not pumping correctly, it will be difficult or impossible to breathe. If you feel short breath after a period of calm, as if you are in the morning or they were riding in a vehicle all day, they should more seriously.

7. Heartburn: You feel pain in the same area, as you do if you have eaten something, you should not have eaten. Not dismissed pain.

8 heartburn. Sweating ebermaig: On the sudden leap into a sweat and feeling "damp"

9. The "Levin log": The classic film "Faust held to chest" position. While many people do not, some do automatically when they attack.

10 with a heart. No signs at all: A heart attack can occur without any signs or symptoms. This does not, of course, you should switch to the emergency room because you feel good. Many women do not feel any pain at all with a heart attack. Diabetics and the elderly are also at risk for this symptom. If you have any complaints chest or you have cause for concern about heart disease, see your doctor and have your heart check out. Of all the symptoms, this is the worst one of all. The only way to facilitate this symptom of heart attack is to prevent the heart attack.


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Cardiovascular Disease - Cardiovascular Disease Can Be Fatal If Neglected  

There are different types of heart disease. About 25% of all Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular diseases. The most important are the Herzkranzgefae, artheroclerosis, angina pectoris, and congenital arrhythmia. Blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol can contribute to heart disease, if not controlled. The first stages are cracks in the walls of the Blutgefae. The second stage, when the body tries to repair itself by the deposit of fatty substances (cholesterol) in the Blutgefaen that the cracks. Over time, the fat can clog the Blutgefae so that a heart attack or stroke.

causes of cardiovascular disease

Some on the causes and the most important risk factors can lead to heart and Gefakrankheiten. One of them is high blood pressure. Even obesity, smoking and high cholesterol levels with high pressure increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Symptoms vary depending on the type of heart and Gefakrankheiten. Some heart diseases cause no symptoms in the early stages. Each person can have different symptoms. Some may have chest pain or shortness of breath, fatigue and palpitations - sometimes, fainting and lightheadedness. Women sometimes a pain in the back - even to the fat content of the stomach could be a symptom of heart disease.

preventing cardiovascular disease

Some forms of heart disease can be prevented. Exercise regularly, and maintaining a low-salt and low-fat diet, avoid smoking and reduce your weight. Even a healthy diet with high vitamin C such as cereals, fruits and vegetables is beneficial. Regardless of the risk level, lifestyle changes are essential. The following rules must be observed:

Avoid cigarettes

exercise regularly, maintain a heart healthy diet
Reduce your weight
Treat depression

treatment cardiovascular disease

Omega-3 fatty acid is a natural medicines and may be useful to the hearts and have a therapeutic effect. Omega-3 found in fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel. There are medical treatments that aspirin and anti-angina drugs, blood pressure and beta-blockers and cholesterol-lowering drugs. Unstable angina is aggressively, including surgery. There are anti-drugs, decay clotting of blood clots. This is useful for patients with severe heart failure disease.

Treatment Centers cardiovascular disease

There treatment centres, research and patient care through the health system. The research aims to improve and simplify the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and Gefakrankheiten. The treatment is aimed at improving the quality of life. There are also self-help groups for stroke survivors and their families. These meetings are very beneficial for those who suffered a stroke and need advice. It is important to visit the treatment centres in regelmaigen intervals after a treatment, because they will give you all the support that you need to survivors of a stroke or heart attack.


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New Treatments to Aid Congestive Heart Failure  

Heart disease is one of the deadliest killers in the world until today. Kongestiver heart failure, a condition found numerous large secondary to heart disease, has its own high mortality. Fifty percent of patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure die within the next five years. Scientists and researchers have always had problems understanding the precise mechanisms of disease, and a cure.

Congestive heart failure starts as the cells in the heart die or no longer work in an event as a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or ischemic heart and Gefakrankheiten. Whatever the cause, then the heart pumps blood ineffective through the body, which is in the blood pooling in the institutions and structure of fluid in and around the lungs such as sodium is unable to be adequately eliminated, resulting in dyspnea, that is the classic symptom of congestive heart failure.

Clinical Research will focus on the treatment of the disease and the possibility of repairing the damaged cells in the heart. Current research is under way to measure that new drugs would lend a hand in vasodilation, also known as calcium inhibitors, which are not producethe higher incidence of heart rhythm disturbances seen with the drugs currently on the market.

In the age of natural medicine, the power of Spirit was appointed in clinical trials for the application of meditation and relaxation techniques to battle the stress on the heart may be breaking the point of contact for patients with congestive heart failure. Tension has been shown that negative effects on the body of blood pressure forces the heart to work harder and place an undue burden on the amount up to that date muscle.

The weak theory lies in the conviction that by learning to maintain a low Level of mental stress of the heart are less stressed and as a consequence less likely to fail completely, and the patient can now better prognosis.

Alongside a return to natural, holistic methods of treatment is an incredible advancement in clinical technology, which was not available twenty or thirty years in the past. Scientists profess to have identified a number of modified genes that can cause a person to be disposed to suffer congestive heart failure and are current with their know-how of genes and the benefits of gene therapy in order to achieve the effect. In addition to drugs Tamp down in the genes' actions as beta-blockers, and alpha-2 agonists are up to this point and are in the treatment programs.

Also examined the possibility of using stem cells to help correction the damaged heart tissue. Clinical studies have shown that patients in distress from congestive heart failure responded very positively to an injection of their own stem cells into the heart, and although the precise way the causes of this improvement is not yet known. It is suspected that these cells either facilitate the growth of new Gefae in the heart or act as a kind of beacon, attracting the body's cells to heal the site of the damage and to promote repair.

The possibility of growing healthy tissue from embryonic stem cells are transplanted also explored, although the controversial nature of the employment of embryonic stem cells by the mandatory destruction of the embryo makes this doubtful in the foreseeable future. The scientists have found that adult stem cells can not simply with an adequate supply of new cells to the needs of patients who Victims of congestive heart failure failure.

Congestive heart failure is incredibly dangerous, because the body can not reproduce the dead cells in the tissue of the heart, all the same, with modern developments, it is the desire of researchers all over one day find cure.


Mark has suffered with a congestive heart problem since 1994 and is now severely disabled. He maintains a website for anyone who wants information on congestive heart problems and heart disease in general More informative articles on Heart Disease are available here

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LDL Cholesterol And Heart Disease  

We've all heard that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. LDL is the bad category.

LDL refers to a combination of low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol. The liver produces cholesterol, a number of important cellular functions, but when our body produces more than we need, our health can suffer seriously. Low-density lipoprotein bind with cholesterol and carries it throughout the body in the bloodstream. If they tie with too much, we can at the end with high cholesterol levels bad. LDL is often referred to as the "unhealthy" or "bad" cholesterol because it tends to the walls of our arteries. This can lead to atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease. The construction on the walls of the arteries and Blutgefae is also known as the plaque plaque.

As thickens over time, the blood flow and reduces blood pressure increases, it can lead to a number of potential problems including heart and Gefakrankheiten. If bits of plaque come away from the walls and begin to flow through the clot can Blutgefae other sections of the narrowed artery. This can cause the onset of a stroke or a heart attack. High cholesterol levels are therefore of great importance and must be taken at lower levels seriously.

You through your diet is a balanced, natural diet without processed, trans fatty acids and sugary foods and drinks, and in daily aerobic exercise, but not too strenuous strenuous . Including fatty fish like salmon or tuna fish or omega-3 fatty acid supplements can also help at a lower level. It is also very important to drink a reasonable amount of pure water to unclog your arteries. Avoid margarine and use only small quantities of butter or no butter at all. If you buy a sandwich and ask whether you butter, it is important to clarify if they are talking about real butter or margarine. Many people do not differentiate between them and the use of the words are interchangeable. Poly-unsaturated vegetable oils should not be used for cooking, because they are trans-fats under high heat. Virgin olive oil is the safest choice. Simply by these simple changes can improve your levels and reduce serious health risks.

Cigarette smoking also raises cholesterol in the blood. If you smoke, you will benefit from limited movement and change of diet, to stop smoking. Once you stop smoking, your cholesterol levels begin to fall, even more so if you eat healthy and exercise daily.

Minimizing stress where possible and the administration, if necessary are also important aspects of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. High stress levels were found to "bad" cholesterol whereas in a calm and positive state of mind them.

High can lower LDL cholesterol should not lead to a health crisis. It is reversible if you are prepared on the steps mentioned here. Keeping these levels down is important for cardiovascular health. By eating right, regular exercise, minimize stress and smoking are unable to achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


For more information on a good cholesterol diet to keep your levels down visit http://www.reduce-high-cholesterol.com , a popular website devoted to helping people live a heart healthy life. You'll get more information on ways to go about lowering cholesterol by diet, exercise, and medication if needed.

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Cause of High Cholesterol and American Heart Facts  

Most people think that the cause of high cholesterol is due to the high intake of food, a high cholesterol diet but statistics have shown that 70-80% of a person with high cholesterol levels, due to his or her own liver production of Cholesterol and only the remaining 20-30% comes mainly from the food. When a person to control his diet, they are only 20-30% of the control of cholesterol problems.

Therefore, it is of great importance to cholesterol in a combined way and not just with the normal cholesterol-lowering drugs to reduce bad cholesterol. There are some doctors, recommends using a combination therapy to address:

* LDL cholesterol - lowering the LDL cholesterol
* HDL cholesterol - The increase in HDL-cholesterol triglycerides
* - Reduction of the Triglycerides

According Audio recording of the doctor, the cholesterol-lowering statin drug used only a mono-therapy and that is bad cholesterol.

There was to reduce the statistics show that 1 in 3 die disease.

Cardiovascular of cardiovascular diseases rank as America & # 39; number one killer, claiming the lives of more than 36 percent of more than 2.4 million people die each year in the United States. Cancer kills nearly 23 percent. All other causes of death accounted for about 41 percent.

79.4 million people in the United States have some form of cardiovascular disease. These include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, congenital heart defects, hardening of the arteries and other diseases of the circulatory system system.

An estimated 72 million people in the United States age 20 or older have high blood pressure, a risk factor for Cardiovascular diseases.

With such an alarming rate of statistics, we all should do our due diligence to find alternative to total cholesterol address concerns.


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Cholesterol is Not a Deadly Poison  

More and further studies are made only shows how unhealthy lowering cholesterol, in particular through the use of statin drugs. In particular, statin drugs have proven to be harmful to the muscles cause considerable damage. A common symptom of this damage is muscular pain that many patients experience on cholesterol-lowering drugs, but most do not realize that these drugs are to blame. One reason that the statin drugs have these various serious side effects is that they work by inhibiting a key enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver.

"cholesterol and heart disease was almost a synonym for the last half Century. Cholesterol was appointed as the Darth Vader on our arteries and our hearts.

The recent recommendation by a so-called panel of experts recommends that a person cholesterol as low as possible, in fact, to a level so low, they say it can not be achieved by diet, exercise, or any known lifestyle modification. Therefore, they say cholesterol-lowering drugs, in particular the so-called "statins" must at all a high risk of heart and Gefakrankheiten. Since heart disease is the number one killer in this country, would most adults and many children. The fact that this may add that the $ 26 billion in sales of statin drugs last year, I am sure, played no role in their recommendations. " Ron Rosedale, MD

Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. Cholesterol is a sterol (a combination steroid and alcohol) and a lipid in the cell membranes of all body tissues, and transported in the blood plasma of all animals. Cholesterol is necessary to build and maintain cell membranes, it regulates membrane fluidity over a wide temperature range. Cholesterol is in higher concentrations in the tissue that causes either more or more densely packed membranes, such as the liver, spinal cord and brain, and also in atheromata.

Many studies have found that Low cholesterol is in some respects worse than high cholesterol . High cholesterol is defined differently for people of different ages. Researchers at the University of San Diego School of Medicine UCSD point out that highcholesterol for persons over 75 years old protective clothing, rather than harmful and Low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart arrhythmias (leadingcause death, heart attack occurs when). However, the amount of HDL cholesterol is so important, many doctors look at the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol, the risk of heart and Gefakrankheiten. With anticholesterol drugs now sold without prescription at the pharmacy, the decision about how far the control cholesterol is squeezed, consumers hands.

Before we can begin to talk about the real causes and effective treatment of heart and Blutgefa - Disease, we must first look at what is known, or should I say what we think we know. A combined analysis showed that treatment with omega-3 fatty acids (fish and linseed oil) reduced overall risk of death by 23 percent compared to placebo. If apple pectin was added to the treatment and triacylglycerol VLDL-cholesterol were both reduced by 38 percent, but also in total cholesterol levels fell by 13 percent and LDL cholesterol by 7 percent. The researchers conclude that a combination of fish oil supplements and increased fiber intake (up to 40 grams /day total) can be an advantage in addition to the conventional treatment of high cholesterol levels in NIDDM patients.

Common sense that we should prevent the oxidation (rancidity) of cholesterol and fatty acids and can not get rid of important life-giving molecules. But many good fats are easily oxidized, such as omega-3 fatty acids, but that does not mean that you should avoid at all costs. The trials of n-3 fatty acids different dietary habits and supplement sources, however, the authors conclude that this study adds that the positive evidence for n-3 fatty acids. What n-3 fatty acids, they speculate that the reduction of mortality risk does not occur by lowering the cholesterol levels, but by other means, possibly anti, antithrombotic or anti-inflammatory effect. These results support recommendations that people eat more fish, the authors write, especially oily fish with high omega-3 fatty acids acids.


Good health is attainable, disease is curable and preventable, when we empower ourselves with the correct information and proper knowledge. We then begin making the choices that support our health. You must educate yourself first before starting any health program. This builds self-confidence and belief in what you are doing. This is your body we are talking about. Most people spend hundreds of dollars every month on new shoes, clothes, food, etc. How much do you spend on keeping yourself healthy? Find out more about Cholesterol is Not a Deadly Poison

Paul Rodgers specializes in marketing natural health and beauty products

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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - The Truth About Natural Statins and Plant Sterols  

Many people today are concerned about the effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs, the statins, in some cases linked to possible liver damage in some people. This article is natural statins and plant sterols as instruments to reduce cholestrol.


In addition to forms found in synthetic drugs, statins also occur naturally in foods such as soy products and almonds. However, it is often challenging to get enough vegetable statins in the diet to benefit cholesterol levels.

Red Yeast Rice is a food with a high statins and has some clinical success in reducing cholesterol levels naturally.

The disadvantage with Red Yeast Rice is that there is no standardized Method for analyzing the level of statins in products as far deviations occur under different brands and even with different production lots of supplements. The side effects are attributed to synthetic statins may also occur with natural statins. So you can be suspended all risks with less effectiveness of the drug statins.

There was also concerned that during the fermentation of Red Yeast Rice, a toxic chemical called citrinin May produced. This course is not always necessarily better. Many Red Yeast Rice products on the market today, the citrinin away, but while some of the natural statin may also be reduced to a product less effective overall.

The ideal candidate for the use of Red Yeast Rice to control cholesterol is a person , Which no other health concerns, no aterial blockades, and very slightly elevated cholesterol levels.

Individuals with moderate to high cholesterol or those with mild highs, but also have been diagnosed with blocked arteries or heart disease, diabetes, kidney or liver disease are not exactly ideal for the use of candidates Red Yeast Rice successfully.


There are several food-Line products contain natural plant, also in connection with the reduction of cholesterol. These products include Benecol and Promise Activ, margarine and spreads caramel chews with a high concentration of natural plant sterols.

The safety and efficacy of these foods with plant sterols have been well researched in Europe and also recently reported by the New England Journal of Medicine .


For an informative video on plant sterols, visit Web Md link below.

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Kay Hutchinson is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, energetic life coach and teacher of qi gong movement. She is the founder of Aiki Healing, a private practice in Austin, Texas, and the publisher of "Health Prosperity" a publication dedicated to empowering people to manifest optimum health and wellness.

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How to Lower Your Cholesterol in Three Easy Steps  

Are you suffer from high cholesterol? Has your doctor warned you to lower your cholesterol? You get high cholesterol from two sources: inheritance and /or diet. In any case, the three steps outlined here to help. Although only so much can be done with inheritance - you should work closely with your heart doctor.

The body and the cells need cholesterol for many purposes. It is necessary - even without them we would not exist. The problem comes in when we have too much blood cholesterol. Cholesterol can penetrate the artery walls and accumulate there the development of a plaque and causes the arteries to constrict blood flow limit. As plaque builds up it could become unstable. If a piece breaks off the blood flow to the heart muscle can be cut off and a heart attack occurs.

Cholesterol fat is that it mainly in the liver, and the point in packages called low-density lipoproteins (LDLs). High-density lipoproteins (HDLs) are trying for every ball cholesterol in the blood or in the cell walls and send it to the liver for disposal. The balance of LDL-HDL versus important, and these values are inputs to the total cholesterol calculation that your doctor will again lab.

The the first step in a strategy to lower your cholesterol is to examine your current diet. How many calories you eat in one day? Make a daily census of food and snacks you eat, get a guide to calories in food, and calculate daily total. Most adults need about 2000 calories per day to stay healthy. A Big Mac, an order of French fries and a sugary soft drink can accumulate to more than 1000 calories. A soft drink for themselves can have 250 or more calories depending on the Grae. So you eat a lot more than 2000 calories per day? If you eat less, you not only lose weight, but you also help reduce your total cholesterol.

Step 2 in lowering your cholesterol levels can be done through a reduction of LDL-your blood and /or increase your HDL level -- Hopefully, both at the same time. As the major contribution to the creation of LDL particles is saturated fatty acids, your LDL levels can be reduced by limiting your intake of these fats - eat less fatty foods. Saturated fats come from meat and dairy products. Eat 4-ounces servings of lean meat or fish meal in the dinner. Substitute healthy snacks like apples or nuts to unhealthy snacks such as donuts or sticky buns. Drinking water instead of sugary soft drinks. Eat Natural Foods not fast or processed foods.

After you have Step 2, you can on increasing your HDL levels. The food substitutions in step 2 have a direct impact on raising your blood HDL levels. In order to increase them further, start doing exercises regelmaige (do not forget that your doctor before beginning a heart regelmaigen exercise program). There are many exercises to choose from - Walking is probably the easiest. Walk for a half hour per day for five or more days per week. Go to a discussion partners pace - a pace at which you can ensure that a conversation.

So the 3-step program to lower your cholesterol:

1) Adjust your diet on about 2000 calories per day.

2) Avoid You quickly and processed foods and switch to Natural Foods low in saturated fats. Drink water instead of sugary soft drinks.

3) regelmaige start a physical activity program - a half hour per day for 5 or more days in the week.

To learn more about food, the lower your cholesterol:


About the Author:
Tim Lazaro is a nutrition scholar and competitive, masters runner who writes on issues related to heart health, natural-food diets, and aerobic exercise. By employing the diets and life-style changes that he writes about, he has lowered his total cholesterol and lost weight.

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Stress-Major Cause For Heart Problems  

Stress is one of the main causes of heart attack and many other diseases.Life is now very busy and most of us go in the morning and at home very late.There is the competition between the conflicting everywhere.Everyone will go to the top and they spend their time and energy to achieve their goal.A person under stress, in accordance with how he proposes a problem or a situation or better said, as he accepted it.

Anger or feel betrayed that increased stress in a person, and he gets worried.He confused and can not concentrate on his work and he is all the more exhausted and tired.He seems to be very restless and can not have good sleep.He might worry if he could, his assignment on time or if he is even in a position to do any work at all.He loses his confidence and begins to slow pessimistic.

Getting rid of stress is very important for all us.Here are some possibilities that might help you to relieve stress:

1.Keep your mind relaxed.

2.Be optimistic and have a wide outlook.

3.Do not give up if you hope to anything.Try lose, and everything must be to someone on the end.

4.Doing yoga or exercise could relieve you of stress.

5.Meditation can help you relax and keep your mind in balance.

6.You can walk or swim or hear some music.

7.Spa massage also helps you from the stress free, because it calms the nerves.

8.Doing your favorite activity or hobby also helps against stress from your mind

For more information about health issues, please click here: http://fitness-lucy.blogspot.com


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Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome - Being Different  

When I was twelve, our tail, small-town doctor diagnosed me with mitral valve prolapse (MVP), although he never explains the disease. During my youth I had strange symptoms other girls do not experience fainting, fatigue, and the eyes burn, as if wind blew steadily in them. My mother noticed and trotted forward to the horrible, swearing physician.

In his office, he scolded me in his nasal voice, "There's not a damn, what's wrong with you. Almighty God, not give your poor mother a little more thought about to make. Think of it, rather than selfish. What you need is a psychiatrist. "I see his face redden with anger.

Didn 't remember it? Earlier, after his MVP diagnosis, he had trimmed sport with the use of my arms, which is not the way MVP is now handled. According to him, in two years I would be in order. Actually, I felt better before the sport limit. Without sport for two years that I had lost muscle strength and tone.


MVP is the most common inherited heart problem in the United States. But it is with the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), because the disease is not fully understood and accepted by most doctors. While the statistics according to the sources, the estimated percentage have this issue not less than thirty percent in this country. According to a survey in the late 80s, three times more women than MVP men.

The heart has four valves inside to pump blood into and out the aorta, the mitral, tricuspid and the lungs. The mitral acts as a door between the left atrium and left ventricle in the heart. If the lower part of a normal heart, the mitral closed and prevent blood leakage into the upper chamber. With MVP, the valve balloon out of SHAPE. A doctor hears this through a stethoscope like a mouse click. If the valve shifts enough, it can take a certain amount of blood to flow back into the upper chamber, and the doctor hears a murmur.

Have you hear your own heart through a stethoscope? Have you heard the click or the noise? Ask your doctor to allow you to do this. It is important that you know what your heart sound. Of course, a few clicks and murmurs is difficult even for a cardiologist to see. But give it a try. If you squat, the hardest position on the heart, you hear it. A woman chose their physician, depending on whether the doctor could hear murmur.

However this structural defect is not what usually causes the multitude of symptoms. Most people have MVP healthy hearts.

MITRAL VALVE prolapse syndrome with DYSAUTONOMIA

A syndrome is a collection of symptoms that have more than one cause, whereas a disease has a single cause. MVPs /D has a pattern of symptoms and signs. As doctors and researchers understand the symptoms reflect a failure of control mechanisms, especially on the nervous system. The more they learn more about the disease, the more likely they will be able to find a single cause and convert MVPs /D /A disease status.

The nervous system is divided into two parts: voluntary and involuntary. The involuntary nervous system, also known as the autonomic nervous system (ANS), is more complex and controls the most body functions such as body temperature, sweating, blood pressure, heart rate, salivation, pupil dilation and contraction, sleep-awake balance, intestinal function, digestion, and many others . This system has two major divisions: sympathetic to corrupt the system and the parasympathetic, which slows the system.

The doctors combine some MVP symptoms of ANS, an imbalance known as dysautonomia or autonomous (automatic) nervous system dysfunction. Therefore, if the MVP patient symptoms associated with the ANS, the doctors refer to the disease as mitral valve prolapse syndrome with dysautonomia, the most common type of dysautonomia.

The central problem of MVPs /D is the body of the response to adrenaline ebermaigen and adrenaline - as hormones. (Hormones and nerves serve as a control systems in the body.) Most MVPs /D patients have a bit too much norepinephrine, a related hormone. Most of the symptoms come from different institutions over-reaction capability to even normal amounts of adrenaline-like hormones.

Thus, you can see it would be best for MVPs /D patients to minimize the release of adrenalin in their blood streams . Of course, stimulants of any kind-caffeine, sugar, alcohol, chocolate, aspartame, NutraSweet, Splenda, monosodium glutamate and some over-the-counter drugs, those containing caffeine, adrenaline, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, should be eliminated from your diet . Stimulants can people and activities. Movies, at times, can stimulate my system, even talking.

Check with your doctor before a therapist uses electricity, which can trigger symptoms. Patients should only maig sun and heat and gradually Progress on condition their bodies for the exercise. This warning is sustained a high blood volume. An increased blood volume is an adrenaline rush is less likely. The patients also have control over their emotional reactions to stress situations. Yeah, right, this is a trick in itself.

Debbie Petersen, nor their symptoms under control, urges dysautonomia a part of daily living hell. "Right now it's just trial and error every day."

'I was so happy to know there is a name for what is partly wrong with me: dysautonomia, "wrote Rita McNeil." Most people have never heard of, let alone know what it means. "

" The disease takes a significant toll on the lives of and working ability, "said Linda Smith of the National Dysautonomia Research Foundation (NDRF) .

Dr. David HP Streeten, a research pioneer of orthostatic intolerance (OI), amounts, the impact of dysautonomia in a person's life:" Even if we are not constantly aware of the activity of the autonomic nervous system, as we are of unusual sensory and motor events, the normal functioning of the autonomic nervous system, day and night, of heart - heart-beat to beat, plays a largely unconscious, but important role in our Livelihood. It is not surprising therefore that autonomous anomalies, if they are usually more difficult to recognize as a strong pain, sensory loss or paralysis of the body, may even graere importance in the quality problems and even threaten the Continuation of life. "


The astronauts experience similar problems if they come from the earth and land from space. Dr. Andrew Gaffney, cardiologist and astronaut, served as a payload specialist for Spacelab-1 Sciences as part of a Space Shuttle Columbia mission in the early 90s to study the astronauts, "as our problems.

Understanding MVPs /D problems helped him work to understand why astronauts experience symptoms such as dizziness and fainting when they stand. In the first part of the space, Dr. Gaffney flew with a catheter inserted into his arm vein to collect the blood pressure to his heart. Within a few hours after lift - off, his blood pressure and blood volume decreased remarkably, according to Popular Science Magazine, March, 1993.

"As we clarify that the data", Dr.. Gaffney, said: "We are learning much more about where the blood goes , Where it is stored in relation to the venous system, and the relationship between the adrenaline and the blood volume. "

Dr. Gaffney, head of clinical cardiology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Memphis, TN, describes what he knows MVPs /D: "It is a primary abnormality Autonomic clay, so that these people tend to Gefae constricted." This leads to the narrowing of blood volume shrinkage. The lower volume feeds back and causing more and the narrowing to a vicious cycle That .

cycle contributes to symptoms such as fatigue. "We all know, the anemic patients have fatigue, and everyone understands that," said Dr. Gaffney. "Well, is it perhaps a little difficult to understand (MVPs /D) . You can have the right amount of blood volume, but if you do not have enough red blood cells in it, then you get tired, because you do not provide oxygen. That's anemia. You can have the right concentration of red blood cells, so that you are not anemic, but if you do not have enough blood, then it is the same problem. Absolute number of red blood cells, the oxygen that is what determines whether you can exercise more. "


" blood volume is crucial to prevent the symptoms from, "said Susan Elliott, physics, taught before MVPs /D symptoms changed their lives." As blood volume is low, it tends to solve a chain of Events, the reactive lead to things such as tachycardia, feeling too hot or too cold. "

Even a slight imbalance in the ANS can lead to low blood volume in MVP patients. Up to twenty - five percent lower. The thirst - Not turn signal so that the blood volume low.

It is very important for people with MVPs /D to drink fluids at least 70 ounces a day more, if the temperature is higher. A good way to remember the amount, if the temperature is higher than 70, drinking the same number of ounces to the temperature in degrees. For example, if, 86 degrees, 86 oz drink liquids. A simple way to achieve this is to create a water bottle with you and try to drink eight Ounces every hour. And so it is really fun, sing the melody to "Pump up the Volume" by M/A/R/R/S.

Susan also noted that more water, the lower their MVPs symptoms such as turning the leg muscles. Also regime were in their potassium, zinc and magnesium, minerals help his heart and muscle function and energy metabolism.

Fluids "FAKE from your body," says Susan, making it appear to have higher blood volume. drinks a gallon of water per day, always keep the Remember to salt the water or eat something salty with him. The salt helps water and valuable nutrients such as potassium. Another idea is to include fluids with salt present such as sports drinks or soups. But patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) should consult their physician first.


When a MVPs /D person, it can immediately symptoms such as tachycardia or heart pounding. "If you lie flat, this could produce much blood on his head and heart too quickly," Susan said.

While we are vertically, the blood circulates throughout the body with less volume than people without MVP. If our body horizontal, the blood flooding the head and the heart chambers, causing the symptoms until the pumping adjusts.

To offset, some people sleep in a slight slope as in a deck chair. To create their inclination, Susan, a board under her head. Pat Conrad sleeps on two pillows. Then they palpitations "not so extreme. "When the heart pain continues, it highlights the Fae. My husband and I with two thick volumes Encyclopedia that help me and his gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) .

orthostatic intolerance (OI)

People their ability , For granted. OI patients. Every day they struggle with the symptoms brought on by the vertical position. On standing, a person with orthostatic hypotension, another word for OI, could experience lightheadedness, dizziness, palpitations (Throbbing or serious Strokes), tremulousness, visual changes, feeling a stuffed head, ears ringing or sums, fainting, and poor concentration, because their blood pressure has dropped suddenly. About half a million Americans have OI, according to the national Dysautonomia Research Foundation.

Being upright produces blood - Pooling in the abdomen and limbs, the blood is no longer available to the upper body. With an effective ANS, the body quickly offset by an increase in heart rate and other cardiac-OI output.

When the person, their blood volume reduced their Blutgef ae lose a ebermaiges amount of plasma, and pour out their kidney patients salt.

Some fatigue, tachycardia (abnormally fast heart beats), shortness of breath, which is considered sympathontonic or hyperadrenergic orthostatic hypotension, because the sympathetic part of the ANS each increases.

Not Patient has all these anomalies. OI Most patients have a mild case of can improve on for weeks or months. Most are finally free from their symptoms.

However in patients with severe symptoms or with a sudden change ANS as director-actor Christopher Reeves with its experienced, the recovery may never come.

A few other names for OI are as follows:

orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

hyperadrenergic posture hypotension

partial dysautonomia

sympathotonic orthostatic hypotension

hyperadrenergic orthostatic hypotension

mitral valve prolapse syndrome



Calcium, the body most common mineral, is located mostly in the bones and teeth, because its function is to build and maintain bones and teeth. It is also essential for healthy blood, regelmaigen heartbeat, nerve and the ordnungsgemae transfer. Calcium is good for heart - Vascular diseases. Cases of calcium deficiency have provoked heart rhythm disturbances, slow pulse rates and irritability ebermaige the nerves and muscles.

The best supplementary source lies in Calcium lactate gluconate or because these derivatives are natural and easier to absorb. Foods rich of calcium are dairy products, green leafy vegetables, shellfish, and minerals necessary molasses.


This life within the body cells to activate enzymes for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. It helps in the regulation of the acid-alkali balance and to promote the absorption and metabolism of other minerals and vitamins. With almost 70 percent of which is located in the bone, while magnesium aid bone growth, is crucial for a ordnungsgemae nerves, muscles, heart and functions, helps regulate body temperature and blood sugar levels for energy. magnesium is alkaline, so it should not, but after meals can be used in place of antacids .

this mineral may help prevent, heart attacks and depression. It is beneficial for neuromuscular disorders, nervousness and sensitivity to noise. In contrast to the old sayings, magnesium helps form the hard enamel that resists decay, not calcium.

Large quantities of magnesium can be toxic if the calcium and phosphorus is low is high. magnesium loss increases with the use of diuretics and alcohol. Foods rich in minerals These seafood, whole grains, dark green vegetables, molasses, and nuts.


Elaine Hansen had spells of irregular heart beats that would last up to twelve hours, often during the night. She was very tired afterwards. Her family said the doctor was low potassium This .

essential mineral works with sodium to help normalize the heartbeat. If you are prone to palpitations, you might feel if you are in the low-normal range for serum potassium. If they come, try it with orange juice drink to go away.

Together palpitations, potassium and sodium the body regulates the water balance, meaning they distribute the fluids in the cells' walls. equalize the acid-alkali factor to assist in muscle contraction and expansion and nerve stimulation. With phosphorus, potassium sends oxygen to the brain and regulates calcium neuromuscular activity. This is a handy little for our bodies.

However mineral, potassium and sodium must be balanced ebermaige exhaustion or salt is potassium. eberm aigen alcohol and sugar can contribute to the depletion of both potassium and magnesium. Potassium excreted through sweating and urination. Foods with potassium are lean meat, whole grains, vegetables, dried fruits, legumes and sunflower seeds. A high potassium level can and can be fatal in kidney failure.


Half our body sodium found in the extra-cellular fluids such as the Blutgefae, arteries, veins and capillaries. As I wrote in the last section, sodium works in conjunction with potassium. It keeps other minerals Blood soluble, so that they are not deposits into the bloodstream. Foods that naturally rich in sodium are seafood, celery, milk products, salt, and baking powder.


In elementary school, we have learned, water is two-thirds of body weight, so that we know That our body is the most important nutrient. It makes about 70 percent of our weight. We can live longer without food than we can without water. Water is necessary for everything from maintaining the body temperature at which our waste. For MVPs /D, water is crucial to a high blood volume.

My neighbouring young Ryan had a problem with constipation. His parents used all the usual remedies. Still, Ryan could wait as long as five days without a bowel movement.

Finally his doctor asked how He drank lots of water daily. When his mother replied the doctor said, that was enough for some, but some people double the points of water at different rates. faster the absorption, the chair firmer. Presumably then (if no other variants), the more Drinks water, the smoother the stools.

I never as water as a response to my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had looked assured, I drank enough water. Besides, my chair in the rule change when I become overloaded and my other symptoms, such as For example, migraines and fatigue from hiding.

When I started to drink my gallon (and that takes discipline!), my chair to normal soft consistency without my other MVPs /D. Since I already had on the regime gallons, my chair was firm or soft, never irritably hard.

Of course, other factors can be involved, as the food we eat and much more. chocolate and red meat harden chair. ... I discovered for me ... the water helped my IBS.

Someone commented to drink too much water. In May 2000, issue of Town and Country magazine, Diane Quagliani, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, was quoted: "Everyone loses about ten cups of water daily, it is important to drink about eight cups eight ounces of fluid and the rest is done by water in food and water makes the body in metabolism. The graer, more active and more overheated you are, the more fluid you should in. Taking on too much (water) is not very likely, unless it is gallons per day, and the danger would be grate rinsing too many electrolytes. Healthy kidneys can also be used with most consumption. "

Others complained they would have to run to the potty more frequently. In hot humid weather, the average person should eliminate urine every two hours if the person who drinks enough water to cover sweating, in my opinion, family physician.

When I tried the gallons experiment, a few days, I met the toilet plunger more than the norm. But on another day, I would not. What is normal anyway? The question should be "What is best for your body?"

The Town and Country Article Writer, ILA Stranger, wrote that it made sense that drinking enough water is bound so that we avoid dehydration which can happen as easily in the overheated rooms of midwinter as in the summer sun and make us " Look and Feel "alive and well. "

Each day I grave per gallon jug of spring water or fill one gallons jug and set it on the counter remind me try to drink more water. Not only for my IBS, but for my blood volume, blood pressure and many other tasks my body constantly. I have noticed in winter lukewarm water is easier. ice is a blow to the neck, sometimes even in hot weather.

Some people prefer to drink mineral water instead of tap water. Other use of well water. Neither should be relied upon a person source of minerals. Distilled water, the water was boiled with all harmful or beneficial minerals eliminated. fruits and vegetables are good food sources for chemically pure water, which is 100 percent pure hydrogen and oxygen. The use of these are individual choice.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Hotline is 1-800-426-4791; their site www.epa.gov /safewater. The Natural Resources Defense Council website (www.nrdc.org) contains in its archives the results of a recent four-year study in bottled water. The author of the summary of the results is Dr. Andrew Weil on the website www.pathfinder.com/drweil.


Before any invasive procedures, MVPs /D patients with valve leakage should antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections, the in their valve. such as dental work, piercing, tattoo, and surgery. A few years ago, doctors recommended antibiotics MVP for all patients. Now only those with specific regurgitation (leakage) are invited to do this, and the dosage was Reduction only in the procedure.

For other operations and procedures, you can contact your physician or the MVP clinics.


Dr. Al Davies, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the MVPs /D Research by chemical reactions between adrenaline and proteins.

The several important proteins are located in the vicinity of the lining membrane of a cell of a body organ. Grater three proteins of importance are: the receptor on the cell surface, a G-protein is located inwards, and an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase on the inside of the cell membrane surface.

Normally, adrenaline attaches to the receptor protein that is combined with the G-protein. (full name is stimulating guanine nucleotide regulatory protein.) Once these are activated, contact they stick to the enzyme which causes internal measures such as increasing blood pressure or increased heart rate.

Dr. Davies and his colleagues have shown that the MVPs /D patients abnormally increased sensitivity to adrenaline is due to an overly active, abnormal G - protein.

The opportunities to the question "Why?" are numerous. And there are many steps before a detailed response and treatment. The researchers thought this could be due to an abnormal gene, because the disease is hereditary. However, their studies show that the gene is normal.

To MVPs /D patients, this finding leads hope, because the matter is not as simple as a bad genes passed on by our grandfather. something happens to the protein the gene makes and before Adrenaline activated it.

Editor the November, 1998, special American Journal of Medical Sciences in addition OI, Dr. David Robertson has the theme "epidemic of Orthostatic Tachycardia and Orthostatic intolerance." Dr. Robinson writes that many centres actively pursue research OI and expect rapid improvements in diagnosis and therapy. The director of the Clinical Research Center at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, he adds, "A seemingly healthy 20-year-old woman with dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, and is certainly not more than transfer a psychosomatic illness! "Well, maybe not in Nashville. In general, tend the table test is used to diagnose a dysautonomia.


My former country doctor may sound old-fashioned and something of the past, but we MVPs /D know his attitude to Its most of the doctors we meet today. One of the tough obstacles, we must find is about a knowledgeable, most people physician.

For care, diabetes, cancer or even strange diseases, they can contact a doctor, and within less they visited their illness diagnosed. They feel from the time they give the doctor with the office.

We MVPs /D are not believed. We have our own research disease, date on the latest drug used, on our literature disease indicate that the doctor knows, and then the doctor will probably not consider our legitimate illness or treatment of us. It's just crazy, if you think about it, how much proof must be a doctor? Why can not they not keep informed about MVPs /D, where a fifth of the nation and possibly symptomatic MVP?

Education and research are the key to solving the MVPs /D puzzle in our body. This is always hope. miles and miles of hope!

�2008 Carol Hegberg. In twenty years, the medical community has come a long way to acknowledge and understand MVPS/D. Carol Hegberg has been a MVPS/D pioneer during those twenty years with over 30 symptoms. More sufferers continue to contact her to talk, to find another fellow patient, and to learn what they can do to live a normal life again.

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Pulmonary Heart Disease  

Pulmonary heart disease - is a very serious form of heart and Gefakrankheiten. If there is a change in the structure of the right ventricle is located in the heart due to respiratory problems. Pulmonary artery disease affects almost 1 million people per year. Many things can increase your risk of developing pulmonary heart disease such as smoking, obesity or bad habits sleeping bag. Pulmonary artery disease (COR pulmon�ale) occurs when pulmonary arterial pressure increased secondary to dysfunction of the lungs and their right Gefaen and produces heart fail�ure.

Pulmonary heart disease is historically known as chronic condition that in most cases proved to be incurable and Results in a very low survival rate. Today, however, there are several new treatment options available, seem to have generally improved the prognosis for lung and heart Gefakrankheiten. Pulmonary heart disease you are talking about is pulmonary edema. It can happen without reason or cause, but the most common reason is the heart problem that lasted a long time and remained untreated. Pulmonary heart disease includes pulmonary valve stenosis and pulmonary valve regurgitation. Both lesions are rare, although pulmonary regurgitation is more common than pulmonary stenosis.

Pulmonary heart disease in clinical practice is often referred to as Zang with chronic heart disease changes in the lungs, chest cavity, pulmonary artery, which leads to an obstruction of the lung circulation. These changes lead to high pressure in the pulmonary artery and the enlargement of the right half of heart failure in conjunction with the right half of the heart. Pulmonary artery disease occurs when the blood flow in the lungs is slowed or blocked because of lung problems. This increases the pressure on the lungs and the heart needs to work harder to tackle this additional pressure at the end can be heart disease.

Pulmonary pulmonary heart disease is a change in the structure and function of the right ventricle of the heart as a result of illness the respiratory tract. That is a complication of pulmonary disease when the blood flow in the lungs is slowed or blocked, causing increased pressure lung. Pulmonary heart disease includes pulmonary valve stenosis and pulmonary valve regurgitation. Both lesions are rare, although pulmonary regurgitation is more common than pulmonary stenosis.

Coronary heart disease occurs when plaque develops within the arteries that pump blood into the heart. The disease progresses over time, and the symptoms are often not - exist until the condition manifests itself in the form of a heart attack. Cor pulmonale may lead to congestive heart failure (CHF), with the deterioration of the lungs through breathing edema, swelling of the legs by peripheral edema and congestive painful hepatomegaly. This situation requires diuretics (to reduce the burden of heart), sometimes nitrates (to improve blood flow) and sometimes inotropes (to improve contractility of the heart). Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease of all, and is also the leading reason for heart attacks. Coronary heart disease is a term that refers to damage to the heart, that happens because its blood supply has decreased, and what happens here is that fat cushion build on the Blutgefae linings of the heart muscle with blood, narrowing.

Signs what they vary greatly, depending on the extent to which the lung is involved. Simple, uncomplicated cardiopulmonary embolism produced such characters as dyspnoea, tachypnea, persistent cough, pleuritic pain and hemoptysis. Sign up and add some content in the process. This link describes the obvious advantages of opening up participation to interested parties.

Treatment is also aimed at the underlying condition that produces Cor pulmonale. Common treatments include antibiotics for respiratory tract infection; anticoagulants reduce the risk of thromboembolism and digitalis, oxygen and phlebotomy reduce red blood cells. The treatment includes bed rest, drugs such as digitalis, control of excess salt and water retention, and eliminate the underlying cause. See also congestive heart failure. The treatment is not always successful.

Alexis Kenne wrote this article. If you liked it, there's more where that came from! Visit http://ebooks-business.com/health/?p=139 or http://www.extend-yourlife.com to read more, and get Free High Quality Health and Fitness Reports just for stopping by "

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Is the Old Roman Saying, "In Wine There is Health" Really True?  

How can the French consume the same amount of saturated fatty acids in the diet than their American's do smoke more cigarettes, then do, and we still have one third less the amount of fatal heart attacks? If the results of the French Paradox study, you may be surprised.

The answer is resveratrol. A powerful antioxidant, in the red wine that the French drink. Resveratrol is considered by many plants, but is particularly rich in grape skins. The high amount of resveratrol, which is in the grape skins protect the fruit of mushroom and sun damage. Red wine is fermented grape skins is consumed in regelmaigen intervals by the French. With the high antioxidant content of red wine, the French to protect their hearts ..

The study results were first broadcast on a 60-minute special. " The effects of moderate drinking red wine was to determine, but first had to moderate the word defined. Some participants in the study thought the definition of moderate drinking was a bottle, the other thought two or three. Once the concept was moderate Determined to one or two glasses, the study could begin.

The French National Institutes of Health Research developed the program, called the French Paradox study, under the supervision of Dr.Serg Renaud. The results of this study showed that 20-30 grams of alcohol per day reduced heart disease by 40%. Further studies followed soon with the same impressive results.

In Coppenhagen a study with 13000 participants. This Danish citizens consumed moderate amounts of alcohol at one of its kind graten studies and found the same positive results as the French Paradox.

Drinking red wine was significantly better results than the others consume alcoholic beverages. Beer and hard liquor contribute little to none, this highly effective antioxidant. The findings of the studies concluded that drinking red wine, protect the heart, although the finding by Dr. Arthur Klatsky in California found that binge drinking even occasionally, diminishes some of the benefits.

There are other major sources of resveratrol, that can be consumed if not like to drink red wine. Resveratrol is found in grapes, blueberries, peanuts, peanut sprouts and Japanese knotweed shoots eaten before they become tough and woody (between the months of April-May),

For thousands of years, it is thought that red wine was a healthy drink the heart . With the completion of the French Paradox study, it is now proved that the old Roman saying: "In Vino Sanitas" (for wine, there are health) is scientifically correct.

Kimberly enjoys studying numerology,astrology,parapsychology and experimenting with herbal remedies. She has been a canine stylist for over 10 years. She is a strong advocate for more funding for pancreatic cancer research. http://kudzuroot.blogspot.com

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